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Advocates for Biodiversity Conservation

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About us

Advocates for Biodiversity Conservation was conceived in 2015. The idea to formalize the concept was born out of a meeting of nature lovers who wanted to find a way to contribute to mitigating environmental degradation without compromising the livelihoods and well being of human kind.

In November 2018, the initial group sold the idea to a larger group which resulted in the incorporation of ABC and its legal registration with the Registrar General’s Department of Ghana.

ABC has seen tremendous growth in its programs and its impact on people, their communities and the natural resource around them. ABC drives its activities through partnerships and collaborations with other CSOs, local communities, their leaders, government, and the private sector. This allows the programs of ABC to achieve greater impact than if these partners worked independently.

Through this approach ABC is able to share best practices and lessons learnt, coordinate activities with partners, collaborators and donors.

The Change We want

Our Mission

We want to see a World where people are well informed to make  the decisions and partake in conservation of nature for their own good and the good of future generations


Our Vision

We advocate for knowledge sharing, sustainable livelihoods, the conservation of nature and the wellbeing of people through partnerships, and respect for human rights.

Our Approach
ABC takes a novel approach towards the conservation of nature for human development and wellbeing.To achieve this, ABC works together with government and its agencies, private sector, local communities and other CSOs to ensure that our communities are resilient (Ecological integrity), children go to school (Education), and farmers move above the poverty line (Economic Empowerment). Learn more about our innovative approaches in our programs, initiatives, and the landscapes we work in.


The Impact We want

Advocates for Biodiversity Conservation works on several issues that effect human wellbeing, livelihoods, and the ecological health of our environment. We try to regroup our activities under 4 main themes. 


Climate Change and Agriculture

ABC-Ghana wants to pursue climate solutions that integrates with local community norms, traditions and socio-cultural settings. These solutions must work for people at the community, landscape, and national levels. Specifically, we want to

  • Secure tree tenure rights for local peoples and communities as insurance against the effects of climate change and as incentives for participating in the governance of the commons.
  • Strengthen core forest protection and ecosystem integrity through the CREMA approach
  • Restore degraded forests, savannas, and ecosystems through agroforestry and silvicultural practices
  • Agroecology and food sovereignty

Green Enterprises Development

Enterprise development is the heartbeat of local economic development and the core paradigm shift needed to achieve sustainable development. Whilst most of the production processes of these enterprises depend directly on their local environment current processes are not sustainable. This is destroying the very base upon which enterprises’ economic activity depends upon. ABC-Ghana is pursing the development of green enterprises (including developing new one and greening existing ones) by focusing on the process of production. The results is a sustainable production which is environmentally friendly, socially acceptable. Our priorities include:

  • Provision of the resources to communities to develop green enterprises or green existing ones
  • Provide market linkages as a financial sustainability measure for the enterprises
  • Develop innovative products together with communities that tell the stories of these local communities
  • Equip people with the necessary information for proper decision making

Landscape Development

At ABC we believe that the development of landscapes ensures that competing land use demands are balanced and regulated based on consensus of all stakeholders. This ensures that human wellbeing and the ecological health of habitats are preserved. Landscapes become sustainable when they can provide the solutions we need for food and livelihoods, finance, rights, restoration and progress towards climate and development goals. At the landscape we play the following role/ provide services:

  • Provision of linkages between private businesses and local communities. (We understand the local contest better)
  • Facilitation of the participation of local communities
  • Development of tools, approaches, solutions based on local contexts
  • Convene stakeholders to effectively contribute to landscape governance. This includes setting up of governance structures.
  • Capacity building, and knowledge management

Ecosystem & Species Management

At ABC-Ghana our work on ecosystems is centered on the ability of the systems to provide the goods and services that they would normally provide in order to support livelihoods and human wellbeing. Through ecosystem-based approaches, we work with governments, local communities, and businesses to develop and implement policies and actions contributing to the long-term disaster risk reduction, sustainable utilization, conservation and restoration of ecosystems, with the aim of achieving sustainable and resilient development. Specific activities we undertake under this theme include:

  • Assessment of ecosystem health

  • Biodiversity assessment and monitoring

  • Develop tools and resources to combat illicit wildlife trade

  • Landscape restoration and monitoring

  • Protected area management (including CBNRM)

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